Frequently Asked Questions


Q1.  Why do we (champion exhibitors) have to solicit local support?

Local support is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals in the exhibitor’s home area to participate in the Sale of Champions at the Iowa State Fair. The contribution goes to support hard working youth and scholarships here in Iowa. IFAA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization so donations are eligible for tax benefits.   

Q2. IFAA will match what I bring in for local support, right?

IFAA dedicates its resources to scholarships and awards earned by nearly 200 youth each year. To continue this level of funding, resources from IFAA need to stay in these categories. The sale committee of IFAA will work hard to generate as many dollars from major corporate sponsors towards the sale of the animals as possible but cannot guarantee to match the local support dollars.

Q3. What is the sale commission and why is it collected?

The IFAA retains 25% of the animal’s sale price to help fund scholarships and other programs. It also helps offset the costs to run the sale for Iowa State Fair Champion Exhibitors. While the IFAA Board and others are volunteers, there are some basic costs for the sale and Champions Alley during the State Fair. Other fundraisers throughout the year also provide funds for administrative work so more dollars available for scholarships.

Q4. My child was active in 4-H and FFA but didn’t get a scholarship because he/she went to school out of state or isn’t majoring in ag. Why didn’t he/she get a scholarship?

Iowa Foundation for Agricultural Advancement (IFAA) was founded to advance agriculture in Iowa and provide scholarship funds to deserving youth looking towards a future in ag. The competition for these funds has intensified tremendously as the program has grown in recent years. In 2019, we had 347 applicants for 85 scholarships. The Foundation was formed by a group of individuals in agriculture with the single purpose of assisting more young people to become ag professionals.   

Q5. Why isn’t the sale a live auction?

The Sale of Champions is a live auction, and anyone is welcome to bid. Scenes from each year’s sale are shown on IPTV’s State Fair Highlights Show to viewers.

Q6. What are the Winner’s Circle awards?
The Winner’s Circle awards is the way the IFFA can continue its commitment to Iowa 4-H and FFA youth, despite the cancellation of the 2020 Iowa State Fair.

Q7. How much money will the winners receive?

Here are the Winner’s Circle guaranteed minimum awards IFAA will present to all grand and reserve champion winners:
Grand Champion 4-H Market Steer $7,000; Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Market Steer $4,000
Grand Champion 4-H Market Heifer $7,000; Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Market Heifer $4,000
Grand Champion 4-H Market Hog $7,000; Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Market Hog $4,000
Grand Champion FFA Market Hog $7,000; Reserve Grand Champion FFA Market HogĀ  $4,000
Grand Champion 4-H Market Lamb $3,000; Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Market Lamb $1,000
Grand Champion FFA Market Lamb $3,000; Reserve Grand Champion FFA Market Lamb $1,000
Grand Champion 4-H Meat Goat $1,000; Grand Champion FFA Meat Goat $1,000
Grand Champion 4-H Market Broilers $1,500; Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Market Broilers $500
The IFAA Sales Committee will continue to reach out for additional funds on top of these guaranteed awards. These figures are only the minimum, and IFAA is continuing its tradition of collecting additional funds for these winning exhibitors through our Local Support effort. Individuals may make contributions to their local winners through the Foundation’s link -

Q8. Will IFAA retain 25% of the total dollar amount?

Yes, the IFAA will retain 25% of the total dollars raised through donors and local support to fund scholarships and other awards.

Q9. Are these Award amounts before or after IFAA takes the 25%?

The award money given to each exhibitor is after the 25% is retained by the IFAA. Therefore these dollar figures are guaranteed proceeds that will be given to each award winner.

Q10. Why aren’t you having a sale?

With the shows being spread over 3 weekends and after consulting with the Iowa State Fair, we didn’t think it was logistically feasible to have one big sale. We still wanted to support the youth, so the Winner’s Circle Awards were created.

Q11. Will I still need to raise Local Support?

Yes, in order to have “normal” Sale of Champions dollar amounts, Local Support is critical. If you have any more questions on this matter, feel free to reach out to the Sales Committee or IFAA Board Members. IFAA will be accepting all local support donations until the date of August 28th.



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